Fab and Robyn - "I do-s" are right on track!

September 22 offered a crisp fall feeling, light gently diffused through the heavy layer of clouds. The promise of winter kept us company as Robyn and Fab bravely worked through our photo session, equipped only with the HotPaws safely stowed inside their outfits for warmth. We started at the Muttart for the first appearance. The hustle and bustle of a milestone day paused for a brief moment. A quick chance to appreciate each other. Photos with the bridal party followed and we quickly rushed to the old Walterdale Bridge to beat the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. This was one of the last weekends the old green bridge spanned the Edmonton river valley. The hint of the new bridge intruded the background of the photos, but we managed to gain access and enjoy this last chance to capture part of Edmonton's history.

The ceremony itself was on trolley car, another token to Edmonton's history. With only enough room for a handful of people, the trolley car parked on the middle of the High Level Bridge while Robyn and Fab said "I do". We met up with the rest of the wedding guests at Packrat Louis. The venue was beautifully setup and the staff made the evening perfect.

Congratulations, Fab and Robyn. Thank you for including us in such a special day. May each new day strengthen your love for each other. May your house always be lit with laughter and memories rich with love.