fairmont hotel

Sarah and Dan's Engagement

 the details of anything you love are
always what is most thrilling, most
poignant, most beautiful.
i loved her as she rose from bed and then fell back against it again, and all she
did in-between.
when you love someone you accept them,
you become them in a way, and all they
do forms into you. their mannerisms turn
into truth- in the way she holds her
coffee mug, the way she laughs, the way
she smells the way her lips curl
after certain words. all of the simple
things suddenly become gigantic things
and light up the world before you like
fore across the clouds.
what a breathtaking display. the way
the earth begins to dissolve in
your periphery and a human being
replaces it.

no matter what they tell you;
a person is a universe when truly
loved and anything less is
not love at all.



Dinner at the Hotel MacDonald was perfect. He kept his cool and didn't let on what was to follow. They took a tour of the hotel; this was just another nice evening out together. As they approached the final room, they could hear the Swiss Men's Choir, her grandfather's choir. Hearts pounding, they entered the room. The candles were lit, the flowers were arranged, and the scene was set. He lead her to the middle of the room, got down on one knee, and well... he whispered quietly something none of us could hear! Of course, she said yes!! They danced together, listening to the choir. 

Of the entire night, the best part was watching Sarah's face explode with genuine  appreciation and love. Truly, this was special. Dan, you have truly succeeded in making this moment memorable and great. Congratulations Dan and Sarah.