East Coast Lifestyle with the Moshers

With each new generation, people find their ways to the cities, moving away from rural communities in search of work and experiences. Where amenities offer opportunity, the rural communities struggle to entice the next generation. Slowly, life looks a little different. There are still those that find ways to make it work. Though giving up the lifestyle a city can offer, they commit to longer commutes and quieter Friday nights, embracing the gifts of rural living.

Here in Indian Point, Nova Scotia, the morning sun burns off the blanket of fog. The chorus of birds are deafening, yielding only to the sound of the occasional boat crossing the bay. Cyclists frequent the roads in the early light, avoiding the humid heat the day brings. Humming birds are perpetually curious and the deer make their way across the lawns to the protection of the forest.

The old guard make their way down the road to visit with the fishermen on the government wharf as they cast at high tide for mackerel. The community is always curious and welcoming. Very few of the original families remain on the land. This point is a gem, the value and appeal only recently discovered by the rest of the world. Houses are bought by wealthy families looking for summer vacation homes and the land once used for farming is now manicured.

The Moshers remain on the hillside overlooking the channel. The history of their family peppers this point. Even though time moves on, they find have found their place on this beautiful point. There is so much to celebrate in the history of ancestors and so much to look forward with the next generation knowing this land.