Jayda's Photo Debute

Nice to meet you, Ms. Jayda. You have so much to see. Life is full of so many wonderful experiences. Don’t shy away from things that seem difficult. Be courageous and endeavour to be resilient. Challenge yourself and try to understand the difference between failure and being a failure. These are not the same two things. Embrace the opportunities that losing offers and make the pain of disappointment worth it. Grow, learn, and build. Every day, find a way to be better than who you were yesterday. Little one, say yes to new things and always challenge your biases. Stay kind. Don’t let the hurt of others sour you. See through it and keep your heart warm. Life has so much for you. You are going to be so wonderful and strong. I know this because I know your parents. You have big shoes to fill but they will be there to walk with you. I can hardly wait to see where you go. With all my heart, I wish you happiness, success, and love. At the very least, you deserve these things.