Meghan and Brett, Engagement Shoot at The Science Park!

It's a tiny gem in the Edmonton river valley and signs of neglect are starting to creep through asphalt pathways; yet, the beauty is endless. The landscape of the Science Park offers many different backdrops and a wonderful view of the city skyline. Not many people use this area and we almost had the park to ourselves! 

Directly across from Rundle Park, easily accessible by the foot bridge on the north side of Rundle, we worked with Brett and Meghan to shoot some engagement photos. These photos help us get to know our clients and make sure we all are comfortable with each other for the wedding day. Meghan and Brett definitely were naturals and we were lucky enough to welcome moody skies and rain to texture the photos. Although we dodged mosquitoes and heavy rain, these two were up for anything, giving us a some stellar shots on this beautiful summer evening. Can't wait for your big day!