Stephie and Cody Sunset Cruise

Social media has truly been the catalyst for many new relationships. Through common connections, we met Stephie and Cody and immediately found them to be great company. Their enthusiasm for motor sports matched ours and they opened their hearts to us, including us in many events and adventures that furthered our love and passion for two wheeled vehicles. Always feeling welcomed by these two, we grew with them and they became a very real part of our life. 

The happiness they emanate is a direct reflection of the strength in their hearts. The love they share for each other is plentiful and they easily share with the circle of people around them. Their selfless and caring natures has transpired into a powerful and supportive love for one another. 

Stephie and Cody, we are so excited to help celebrate your love. Thank you for including us in your interests and life. We can't wait to see where this new chapter takes you.