Pro and Dena's Engagement Photos

Our winters are long and cold, but the sunsets are long and beautiful. Admit it: you have taken for granted how nice it is to have a two hour sunset. The beauty of a two hour sunset is not seen by everyone in this world. This is one of the advantages of living so far away from the equator! Well, Nick and I certainly capitalized on this phenomenon and took Pro and Dena for a proper wedding day practice session… also known as engagement photos. We went to the Northern Bear Golf Course, jumped into a couple of golf carts, and headed straight into the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. With the poplar pollen in abundance and the warm light of the sun, we did some golf course exploring, stopping to shoot when the light was just right. We lucked out, as few people were golfing, giving us the course almost to ourselves. Congratulations Pro and Dena! We can't wait to celebrate your big day with you later this summer!