Princess Lisa and Shawn Solo

Being a photographer provides front row seats to some of the most important moments in people's lives. You witness first hand the making of memories and the start of new chapters. You meet incredible people and get to know them quickly as you share in their most precious moments. Here we feature Shawn and Lisa's wedding day, a day we were thrilled to be a part of. 

When you combined Lisa's warmth and Shawn's sense of humour, you feel right at home in their company. It is clear they warm the hearts of those near them. These attributes directly transferred through to the photos. As we sat sorting the photos, we were constantly drawn to happiness and love they share. 

We started at the Devonian Garden and kept our fingers crossed for agreeable weather. Of course, everything turned out! We were given light rain and moody skies, the perfect conditions to shoot in a Japanese garden. We were greeted in the reception hall with Star Wars themed decorations, handcrafted and carefully planned. So much time and care was put into making this wedding uniquely theirs. From the TIE fighter cake table, to the Star Wars jokes, the hall was laced with interesting and incredible pieces. Even his wedding band was Star Wars themed! 

Shawn and Lisa, thank you so much for including us in such an important day. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.